Cloud instance provisioning


InstanceHub works by allowing users to use a one click interface to create pre-configured virtual machines without users requiring a cloud computing account. Trainers are able to create labs with pre-configured virtual machines and set usage limitations to provision resource within a fixed budget. InstanceHub is ideal for educators who want to run lab classes or training.


  • Manage the provision of compute instances to users
  • Control costs by setting limitations on access and duration
  • Simple lab based interface for accessing Virtual Machines
  • Configuration of cloud resources to provide users with pre-configured software stacks
  • Users do not require cloud accounts


InstanceHub provides users with access to on demand cloud resources with simple email authentication. Users are not requires to have an AWS or other cloud account. To access a lab follow the link provided by your training facilitator or log in to see labs which you have access to.


InstanceHub has been designed to promote the provisioning of cloud resources. You can use InstanceHub to provide simple access to cloud computing environments for training or to provide access to resources within fixed budget requirements.